Foggy picks Mick in dream team but still says he’d beat him

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If Carl Fogarty could choose from all the riders he’s ever known to ride in his new Petronas team he’d sign up Mick Doohan and Kenny Roberts (snr).

And Foggy took the opportunity of a live web chat on this site on Wednesday (December 19) lunchtime to clarify his famous ” I’d have kicked Doohan’s arse ” comments first reported in MCN Sport.

” I get, asked about it all the time, ” he said. ” I always had to believe that no one in the world was better than me. That’s why I won all those titles, ” he said, referring to the self-belief demanded to make it to the top.

But he added that while he wouldn’t have matched Doohan on a 500 in the early 90s, he would have been able to in the later 90s, when the bikes were more suited to Foggy’s style.

If he could have his pick of current riders he’d take Rossi and Xaus.

In an intense question and answer session with fans, Foggy refused to admit who he has signed as the second member of his Petronas WSB team to ride with James Haydon. When it was suggested that the second rider is an Aussie, he simply laughed.

He did say the deal would be signed within the next 48 hours, so keep checking back on this site for the news as it breaks.

Foggy predicted that Troy Bayliss would retain his WSB title in 2002, but that Neil Hodgson was one of a handful of riders who could also take the ultimate prize.

Chris Walker got shorter shrift from Foggy.

” Walker won’t be in the top six very often. My guess is that he’ll be eight overall at the end of the season. ”

And when asked who should play him if there was a film of his life, Foggy suggested Vinnie Jones ” Well, he’s in everything else at the moment, ” he joked.

Read the full transcript of the live web chat by following the link on the right, titled ” CarlFogarty: In his own words ” .

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