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AUSTRALIAN firm Hunwick Harrop has released full details of the Phantom 1500 cruiser.

The bike, which is to go on sale over the Internet towards the end of the year, is the first in a range due for launch over the next few years.

Each of the 325 bikes built this year will be personalised, with buyers choosing from a huge list of options to create their Phantom.

The firm claims there are more than 100,000 potential combinations – so it’s highly unlikely there will be two of the same spec.

There will be 20 possible colours, which can also be combined into two-tone schemes, as well as five choices of seat colour.

Customers can choose to have many of the aluminium components – like exhaust cans – polished, brushed or colour-anodised.

As a result, buyers can have their Hunwick with plenty of polished alloy for the traditional cruiser look, or go for a more modern colour-coded appearance.

All the bikes shown so far have been single-seated, but Hunwick promises there will be room for passengers. The pillion seat will bolt on to an optional alloy luggage rack and can be stored whenever it isn’t needed.

Technical pictures of the bike show the virtually frameless design. A cast alloy headstock bolts straight on to the engine and incorporates the bike’s radiator – a part which normally looks out of place on cruisers – and keeps it almost out of sight.

Hunwick claims the design helps reduce the bike’s mass – though at 240kg (528lb) it’s no featherweight.

Still, the Phantom should be a step forward in cruiser performance. The bike’s 90° water-cooled V-twin motor makes 102bhp and 101ftlb of torque – far more than the average Harley-Davidson.

While the long, 1700mm wheelbase means the bike will be no back-road scratcher, the sports bike-style 120/70 x 17 front tyre and 180/55 x 17 rear should provide plenty of grip.

The brakes promise to be far better than the average custom bike, too. The front discs are superbike-sized 320mm Beringers gripped by four-pot calipers made by Hunwick Harrop.

There’s little doubt the bike has the technical prowess to beat its cruiser competition, but the firm is gambling that buyers will fall for its unconventional styling.

Stylist Jeff Haggarty said: ” We didn’t want it to look like anything else. The objectives were to make it long, low and sleek. I also wanted to integrate the body masses – the fuel tank, engine and seat. Integration happens on sports bikes, but not on cruisers. The reason the Phantom looks clean is because I’ve concentrated on cohesive design. ”

At around £15,000, the Phantom will go up against top-of-the-range Harleys and Hunwick is confident it can shift all the bikes it can make.

The firm’s simple worldwide distribution network should help. All the bikes will be built to order and freighted to their new owners, wherever they are in the world.

Hunwick then hopes to persuade existing bike shops to sign up with them to service the bikes and perform pre-delivery checks. Dealers can join the network by applying over the web.

The company claims early reservations for the first bikes and applications from dealers will be possible on its website by the time you read this. You’ll find the site at:

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