Phoenix rises with Laverda’s name

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LAVERDA’S first new machine since the Aprilia take over is a 150cc scooter designed and built in China by SYM.

Aprilia has arranged the deal to sell the re-badged SYM Joyride under the Laverda banner in order to keep the brand alive until a range of " real " bikes worthy of the famous name has been developed.

At the moment, there are no plans to sell the Phoenix in the UK, as its 150cc capacity makes it an awkward size for UK laws.

The Phoenix has underseat storage for two lids, a comprehensive dashboard with an LCD trip computer and a single rim-mounted front disc brake.

Aprilia is also believed to have some early sketches of new Laverda models, which it is showing to certain customers to gain reaction. There are thought to be around six concepts so far, including at least one superbike.

However, it could be as long as three years before any of the bikes break cover.

At the moment it’s not even known what engine they will use. Laverda’s own three-cylinder motor is one option – the firm never got around to actually putting it in a bike before it was taken over.

An alternative is a variation on the Aprilia V-twin.

The Laverda factory is currently lying dormant, because production of all the firm’s old parallel twins ended when the company ran out of money last summer, shortly before Aprilia took over.

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