Honda recalls 2001 Wing

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The all-new 2001 Honda GoldWing has been recalled just weeks after going on sale.

There are two faults which can cause the engine to cut at speed, although they are not serious enough to lead to any serious damage to the motor.

The first problem is with the engine cut-out switch, which can be affected by vibrations caused by riding on rough surfaces, causing the engine to die. A replacement switch should solve the problem.

The symptoms of the second fault are identical, but the cause is slightly more complex. Honda has found the crankshaft pulse rotor, which triggers an electrical pulse to the bike’s engine management computer and ignition system, can fail when the motor is subjected to prolonged high revs. Again, the result is the engine cutting out.

Honda says neither problem has been reported on any customer’s bike in the UK.

If you’re concerned about your bike, call the Honda Helpline on 01628-496046

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff