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The NEC Show features plenty of jaw-dropping models, but few are quite as ” stand-out ” as this machine from AKA Design. But we want to hear what you think of it.

The Hitchin, Herts-based firm behind the idea, known as the g-racer, had promised something original. And these people had been involved in the Benelli Tornado and Ducati MH900e, so expectations were high..

But this blew every preconception about how a bike should look and function away.

Creative director Michael Phillips said: ” We wanted it to be like the Mack truck in the Steven Spielberg film, Duel – unstoppable and all about brute power.

” We had previously designed sports bikes and wanted to make something different so we came up with the idea of a bike to take on a global challenge. ”

The g-racer is designed to cope with everything Mother Nature can throw at it. In road going mode it sits low to the ground giving better handling. But the touch of an LED control makes the suspension rise, shortening the wheelbase and giving the bike more ground clearance. Hey presto! An off-roader.

The handlebars also rotate into one of three positions and there’s a trio of foot mountings too. One peg is tucked high like a race bike, the other flat like a motocrosser and for cruising there is space on the floor pan to stretch your feet out for maximum comfort.

It has a 1200cc, 140bhp, V-twin engine.

A front panel slides forward to act as a mudguard or up at an angle to deflect wind blast from the rider.

Other features include two fuel tanks, slung low to keep weight as low as possible, a thermal-imaging camera to let you spot crocodiles and other hazards lying in wait at night, plus a rear-facing camera.

There’s a GPS system but, if this fails, you can always rely on the massive compass embedded in the dummy tank.

And, handily, there’s a USB port connector for computers too – presumably to let you e-mail ” I’m lost ” messages home from the middle of Sumatra.

Whether it will ever go into production is up for debate, but the designers, who have been funded by the wealthy owner of the famous Gadget Shop chain of stores, don’t care.

Phillips said: ” If it inspires others I will be happy. ”

Does it inspire admiration or something altogether different in you? Post your response by following the link, right.

They are also looking for suggestions for a new name.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff