Honda’s other V-TEC bike gets upgraded version for 2002

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Honda’s CB400 Super Four, the V-TEC-assisted bike that led the way for the 2002 VFR800 V-TEC , has been given a new version of the system for next year.

The Japan-only bike uses the firm’s Hyper V-TEC system. It opens only two valves in each cylinder at low revs –for increased torque –and four valves per cylinder at the top end for maximum power.

The firm has not released specific details of the changes to the Hyper V-TEC system on the new CB400 Super Four Spec II, except to say the valve operation now switches at 6300rpm rather than 6750rpm –a change Honda claims makes the bike sportier to ride.

Apart from a handful of grey imports, few of the original V-TEC CB400 Super Four have been sold outside Japan since its launch in 1999.

Other than the upgraded V-TEC, the bike is virtually unchanged, with updates restricted to the addition of Honda’s HISS security system – the first time it has appeared on a 400cc machine.

It’s likely if the upgrade proves itself, it could find its way on to future bigger capacity Hondas.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff