Kawasaki 250TR takes us back

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The fashion for retro looks has reached off-road styled bikes. The latest to reflect the trend is Kawasaki’s 250TR.

It looks like a 1970s scrambler – but is actually aimed at style-conscious city-dwellers. And Tokyo trend-setters are expected to snap them up.

Honda and Suzuki have already revealed bikes on a similar theme. The Kawasaki even has a retro-looking engine. It’s an air-cooled 250cc single. But the light weight, friendly power delivery and sit-up-and-beg riding position should make it ideal for city traffic.

Despite the semi-knobbly tyres, the suspension reveals the bike isn’t really intended to tackle the rough stuff.

It’s unlikely to be officially imported, although grey importers should be able to get hold of them before too long.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff