XR250 goes supermoto

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Honda has given its XR250 crosser a supermoto spin and dubbed it the Custom.

The bike – revealed at Tokyo – is a one-off to show how customers can transform the XR using readily available parts.

In many ways, Honda is last with the news on this one. There’s nothing here that thousands of XR250 owners haven’t already experimented with themselves.

It has supersports tyres on 17-inch wheels, a sporty headlight unit, and uprated suspension. Even the “wobbly” brake discs are nothing new in the category.

The real interest comes from the fact that Honda has built and displayed the bike itself – a mark of how important it believes the supermoto market looks like becoming.

Yamaha is already known to be studying the possibility of a production supermoto, and now this XR250 shows that Honda could well be thinking along the same lines.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff