Kawasaki’s new colours for 2003

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Kawasaki has just revealed the new colourschemes for the ZZ-R1200, ZX-9R and ZX-12R.

For more details on the Kawasaki range, see the new MCN, out Wednesday, September 11.

*The ZX-9R comes in three options: silver and orange, blue and silver and green and black.

*The ZX-12R will still come in the striking black and gold of this year’s model, but it will also be available in the traditional Kawasaki green or striking silver. The current blue and metallic green options will be deleted. Silver swingarms are out – a natty black to match the monocoque frame is in.

*Silver ZZ-R1200s have been a runaway success this year and that colour will be retained in 2003, but the largely unpopular black option will almost certainly be replaced by a blue one.

*The ZRX1200 range will also get a facelift. The faired version, the ZRX1200S will come in blue or silver with new graphics. The retro ZRX1200R, with the small bikini fairing comes in green or silver and the unfaired ZRX1200 will be available in pure black.

None of these models will be undergoing any significant technical changes. For details on the new ZX-6 models and Z1000 muscle bike, click on the links on the right.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff