Has good kit hit sales?

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The increasing number of riders wearing full leather on their bikes has contributed to a decline in sales of new bikes according to industry price watcher Glass’s guide.

Glass’s motorcycle editor Randal Thomas reckons that wearing leather stops many riders from using their bike to commute to work.

“The significant investment by motorcyclists in safer riding gear is to be applauded, but there are suggestions that too many riders now use one- or two-piece leathers. These give good protection but they are much less practical for commuting with work clothes underneath.

“Some observers now believe that the use of leathers means riders simply don’t think of their bike as a practical form of transport, but only as a recreational item.”

Have your leathers made you less likely to ride to work? Have you decided against buying a new bike as a result? Click here to have your say.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff