Naked Moto Morini

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These are the latest pictures of the bike that Moto Morini hopes will be the first off its production line since 1993.

The engine for the naked v-twin, which still hasn't been officially named, was up and running on the dyno in April and designers, Marabese Design, have pened these drawings for the rest of the bike, which was originally going to be in a café racer style.

The firm's aim was to create a bike with a short wheelbase, giving the 1000cc engine an unusual 87-degree v-twin and mounting it in a compact trellis frame, to enhance the bikes manoeuvrability.

It gets a bikini fairing in the style of the Kawasaki Z1000 and the firm has gone with the current fashion for underseat tailpipes.

Moto Morini plan to show a finished version of the bike at the Munich motorcycle show in September.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff