How good is K1200S?

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We set out to answer your 24 most important questions about the new BMW K1200S in the latest issue of MCN – from how powerful it really is (as measured on the dyno at the back wheel) to why no-one can get a test ride at the moment.

The answers include:

Its true maximum speed,

Why it’s a full 50kg heavier than an R1 (fuelled-up and ready to ride),

How it’s faster than a ZX-12R from 40-80mph in top gear

Why this really should be your first BMW.

How it compares to an R1, Pan and ZX-12R

MCN chief tester Trevor Franklin says: “It would be fair to say the K1200S could be the most versatile bike ever. I say could – BMW has to iron out the bike’s teething troubles first.”

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Get all the answers in MCN – out Wednesday, October 13, 2004.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff