K1200S tested in UK

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motorcyclenews.com user Andy Bacon got an extended test ride on the new BMW K1200S. MCN is about to conduct its first full test of the bike on UK roads (we’ve previously tested it in Germany and Austria).

So while you’re waiting for our definitive verdict, here’s what Blackbird owner Andy has to say about the bike in Britain:

Compared to the Blackbird:


1) It feels lighter and more nimble than the ‘Bird – the set up giving confidence to push on.

2) Comfortable, could tour long distances at a stroke, the fairing works at high speeds.

3) Excellent brakes, headlights and mirrors (all essential).

4) It’s got some character – maybe the glitches contribute Italian style!

5) Sounds and looks good (even with a baboon’s *rse!) and goes even better!


1) Gearbox and fuel injection glitches are distracting and spoil the package. Even the cooling fans sound like a bucket of bolts being shaken. Seems unfinished. The ‘Bird is still a class above in terms of engine/transmission smoothness.

2) Instruments should include digital speed (even as a window in the analogue dial Porsche-Boxter-style). It’s essential at warp factor as vision blurs! They have gone for style rather than efficiency – very anti-BMW. Ambient temp would be cool.

3) Single wire might be the dogs but fitting aftermarket accessories could prove a challenge, no one wants to tamper with it.

4) Why tempt us with electrical suspension then not deliver it from day one, this is bound to hamper early sales…

It’s pitched against the Blackbird/Hayabusa yet the dealers will tell you how it fits the real world better than an R1/Blade. I don’t think they can bear to think of it as a Sports-Tourer as it would dull the marketing – preferring to promote it as a real sports bike that can take luggage.

To me its a 70% Sports, 30% Tourer!(Andy Bacon)

Have you ridden the K1200S too? Have Your Say about it, here.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff