US bike sales boom

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Bike sales are booming in the US with sales up by as much as 50 per cent for some dealers.

American industry watchers say sales have grown steadily for the last 11 years but this year they have gone ballistic.

A weekly survey of 60 dealers have found sales running at 10-50 per cent ahead of last year. Harley has boosted production by eight per cent to keep up with demand – which economists reckon is being partially driven by rising petrol costs.

But according to the US Census only 158,000 of the six million bikes in the States are used to commute to work. Campaigners are aiming to convert more SUV owners to two wheels to cut petrol consumption.

Americans buy around £4.6 billion worth of new bikes a year. Add other consumer sales and service and the industry is worth closer to £12.5 billion.

Bike usage in the UK is at its highest in over a decade – but new bike sales are down on last year.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff