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The bikes of 2005 are on parade among the glamour of the Munich Bike Show all this week.

We’ve been bringing you first pictures as the bikes were launched and asking for your reactions. If you haven’t caught up with them all yet, select ‘Munich Show Updates’ from the link, right.

Here is just some of what you’ve had to say. If you want to join in the debate, or start a new one, click here.

“The new Sprint ST looks absolutely sensational. When do they intend to produce the RS (half-faired version)? Kauput

Sprint ST: “Waaaaaaaaant!” snapesbabe

“What have they done to the Speed Triple? It looks like it’s been rammed up the *rse by a ten ton truck – the pig-ugliest bike on the block. But I love the Sprint ST – just gorgeous.” Gjames06

“The new Speed Triple is stunning,” spondon 955. “It will give the Italian naked exotica a run for their money,” kitlloyd. “It makes all the competition look naff/expensive.” Bluespeed.

“Disappointed that they went for the quick and nasty option to upgrade the Daytona 650.” Graeme355

“Triumph, why don’t you stick a third cylinder on the T-100? That would give us a powerful 1300cc classic.” PimLegendTT

BMW’s K1200R: “But my God it’s an ugly brute!” 52BlackShadow

KTM SuperDuke: “I absolutely love the KTM Super Duke. It looks really different. Can’t wait to have a go on one.” Macbeth

Yamaha MT-01: “My bike of the year so far because it looks like an aggressive beast just like the V-Max did when it first appeared 20 years ago.” Juniper

Rossi’s R6 paintjob: “Oh my god! He could win every race back to back but with a scheme that bad I would rather keep last year’s bike.” Jason Hall. “Yuck. He should really stick to riding the things,” trixR4kidz

Suzuki GSX-R1000: “It’s all set to steal the show,” keyurbhagat

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