Mad Fireblade fighter

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German bike firm Spaehn Racing has launched the latest in it’s range of customised naked bikes, offering styling to rival some of the top production machines.

The Deep Bull is based on a Honda Fireblade but pretty much everything apart from the engine and frame has been replaced by the designers.

The bike no longer has a fairing and has got massive flat drag bars instead of clipons, but the thing that stands out most is the massive 10-inch rear wheel mounted on a custom made single sided swing arm.

The front wheel is also wider than stock and the firm had to fit special yokes to let the five and a half inch rim fit between the forks.

Other than the mad four-in-to-four exhaust the Fireblade engine is left untouched but the firm dropped the gearing to give the bike arm-ripping acceleration and massive wheelie potential.

A specially designed tank has also been fitted with the air intakes mounted stylishly to the front.

The Deep Bull can be yours for a mere £17,300 (25,000 Euros) but if you don’t fancy a Fireblade based bike, don’t worry, the firm will build you one based on any bike you want and of course you can specify the colour as well.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff