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Fancy a new bike delivered to your door every three months? A new leasing scheme offers exactly that for as little as £250 a month for an SV1000S.

All you have to do is commit for a minimum of three months. At the end of that period you can choose to renew your lease (month by month ), go for another bike (they offer CBR600s for £349 a month), or walk away.

The CCL UK Group’s Flexxi Lease scheme includes breakdown recovery but there are restrictions on mileage, you pay an extra £40 if you plan to take the bike abroad and if you happen to damage the bike it stays ‘on rent’ with you until the damage is repaired. You also have to provide your own fully-comp insurance.

Adrian Hayter, Fleet Director at CCL, says: "We know there is demand as some of our car Flexxi Lease customers have enquired about leasing a motorcycle for the summer," said Adrian Hayter. "As variety is the spice of life, there is also the opportunity for bikers to ride a different bike every three months by swapping and renewing the contract."

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