MT-03 world launch

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MCN road tester Adam Child (Chad) is at the world launch of the new Yamaha MT-03, and he’s sent pictures and his first impressions from the launch, held just outside Barcelona, in Spain..

The MT-03 is the new 660cc single, featuring five-spoke wheels, dual 298mm front discs, and making 45hp. It used the motor from the existing XT660, but with changes to the fuelling, ECU and exhausts.

“It looks cool,” says Chad from Spain. “It’s really funky and really small.”

“It rides a lot like a Supermoto, but with street styling. It’s great for the tight twisty roads and hairpins round here, and it should be brilliant around town. Yamaha designed it to be fun and easy-to-ride and it looks like they might have succeeded.”

You can read the full report in Motor Cycle News, out Wednesday November 30, 2005. In the meantime, comment on the MT-03 by following the related topics link, right.

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