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At the extreme end of supermoto machines is the new Terra Modena 198, of which just 120 will be made with a 16,000 Euro price tag.

It was revealed to the public for the first time at the Milan Bike Show on November 15.

The 450cc single-cylinder off-roader is named the 198 due to the single cylinder and the 98 bore, which it shares with the Ferrarri Formula 1 engine. The high-tech motor also features a countershaft to halt vibrations, two overhead camshafts and four titanium valves, with a Nikasil-coated cylinder barrel and crbon-treated gudgeon pin.

It has six gears, and an electric starter in addition to a kick-start. The engine block, cylinder and head are all sand-cast aluminium. The chassis is also aluminium, as is the fuel tank.

The dash, meanwhile, is a race-spec AIM digital panel, while suspension is provided by 46mm Ohlins upside-down forks with an Ohlins rear mono-suspension. Stopping is via a 320mm radially-mounted Brembo front dis and a 220mm rear brake disc. Wheels are by Marchesini, with a 3.5″ on the front and a 5.5″ on the back, while the twin exhausts are specific to the Terra Modena.

The National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics airfoils optimize airflow into the engine, with inspiration from the 1975 Ferrari F1 cars driven by the likes of Niki Lauda.

The colour of the bike is best described by the firm’s press release,

“No paint is used because it’s not needed, and no plastic is used because it’s ugly. Optional equipment is not available because its standard equipment is already all that can currently be desired in a motorbike.”

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