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Yamaha has released early details of the concept bikes it will be showing at the Tokyo motor show, including an R6 powered electric hybrid 60s style cruiser.

All of the new concept designs focus on energy saving designs with combinations of electric motors and petrol engines. The Cadillac styled Gen-Ryu is the most impressive, combining an R6 engine with an electric motor and the wheelbase of a 1000cc bike with riding position of a scooter.

The mad Deinonychus puts an electric motor at the hub of both wheels, offering two wheel drive and giving the designers the freedom to do whatever they like in the space where an engine would normally mount.

The HV-01 another hybrid petrol and electric scooter but in a more conventional design. It can even be run in ‘quiet’ mode just using the electric motor.

The FC-me runs on a fuel-cell but using methanol instead of the Hydrogen used in most other fuel-cells. The design is so far advanced that it is already being used in a trial by the Japanese police.

The Maxam 3000 is a design for the replacement of the current Japan only Maxam ‘weekend leisure cruiser’ which is essentially an enormous scooter (Click here to see its official site). The 3000 refers to its length in millimetres.

The Vox is a small fuel injected 50cc scooter while the Passol-L is a short-range electric runabout.

Check back regularly for more news from the Tokyo motor show and click the links on the right to see all the new bikes for 2006 from the Paris show.

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