Is this safest bike ever?

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This is the newest Honda to break cover in Japan – but don’t expect to be able to buy one this Spring. The ASV-3 is the latest thing in safety and comes complete with onboard cameras, radar and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Ride one and you’ll also need a lid with a heads-up display and audio alerts which deliver constant feedback on other vehicles around you.

The system works in conjunction with similarly-enabled cars with the aim of cutting crashes. Car drivers get warnings about bikes in their area with alerts operating through a vibration of the brake or accelerator pedal.

The front of the bike has been deliberately designed to mimic a human face. Project leaders believe that facial patterns are easier for drivers to spot in traffic.

If it all fails there’s a ‘mayday’ alert sent to the authorities if you do have a crash.

The new Honda ASV-3 series vehicles are the result of a Japanese government-backed five-year project.

See more pictures and the technology behind this in the September 14 issue of MCN.

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