1000cc riders downsize

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The new R6 seems to be so good that many people are trading in their litre bikes for the 600 supersport, making this a very good time to get a deal on a used 1000.

Webbs Yamaha in Peterborough have seen so many customers coming in to the showroom and trading down from superbikes to the stunning new R6 that they are packed to the rafters with 1000cc machines. Read reviews of the R6 here

Grab a bargain R6 here “The R6 is our biggest seller at the moment - we just can’t get enough of them,” said Webbs’ Paul Davies. “We’ve had dealers from other counties asking how we managed to sell so many, but they are in such demand here that we don’t even have to try.” Click here to sell your bike to the biggest audience in biking

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