Beta's latest trial

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Beta has just released its latest four-stroke 250cc trial bike in the UK, the Rev-3.

Traditionally trial bikes use two-stroke engines, however, Beta says environmental concerns and stricter emissions laws are forcing the switch to four-stroke engines.

The 250cc Rev-3 is the Italian firm’s first foray into the four-stroke market.

The compact single-cylinder engine weighs just 23kg and is promising improved reliability over its two-stroke cousins as well as being much quieter.

Rev-3 is road legal but without a saddle, indicators and a weedy front headlight it won’t make the perfect commuter. However, when it comes to vaulting fallen tree stumps and riding up waterfalls there’s no better tool. In the world of trials minimum revs is as important as maximum rpm is to a sportsbike.

Time has been spent ensuring the calibration offers the smoothest power delivery.

The gear box has been designed for trials use only, with the ratios set for manoeuvring across the tricky obstacle courses.

The centre of gravity has been shifted higher and the weight has been distributed evenly for maximum stability.

The Beta Rev-3 costs £4,500 and is in dealers now. A two-stroke version is also available with 50, 80, 125, 200, 250 and 270cc engines.

For more information contact Jack Lampkin on 01535 655 970.