VW reveals GX3 trike

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VW has revealed a bike-car hybrid inspired by MotoGP and F1 design.

Powered by a 125bhp 1600cc four-cylinder engine, the GX3 is expected to cost less than £10,000, has room for two and does 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds… and 46mpg.

More money and less performance than a bike then, but cheaper and faster than most cars.

Mercedes Benz worked on a similar project, the Life-Jet, but that is not thought to have much support within the company. The VW is thought to be much more likely to reach the market.

It’s being shown at the LA Auto Show in the US, where a spokesman said: “We think the layout has some compelling advantages: low weight, great occupant protection, exceptional performance and fuel consumption and dynamic driving. If you think this is a good idea, please tell your local VW dealer.”

The rear tyre is a massive 315 section on a single-sided swingarm.

See page 2 of this article more details from VW’s own press release:

Taken directly from VW’s press release:

Design dynamics: The focus for Volkswagen’s design team in California was to create a quintessential and pure driving machine. Inspired by the minimalist design language often expressed in contemporary GP motorcycles and F1 race cars, the GX3 has a true feeling of authenticity. These influences are seen throughout the exterior with an exposed single sided swing arm, aggressive central exhaust, open front wheels and stealthy matte finishes. The progressive dynamic on the GX3 is emphasized with a strong graphic dividing the body as it wraps up to the aggressive forward leaning roll hoops. Anodized gold and black suspension components and LED lighting are further examples of track inspired designs. The GX3 interior is all about business with nothing to distract from the absolute driving experience. The driver’s cockpit is equipped with five point racing harnesses; “moto” style instruments and a GTI inspired stainless shifter. Most distinctly, the rear boasts a massive single 18″x12″ back wheel dressed with 315 rubber. The front end proudly displays a bold V graphic consistent with Volkswagen’s vehicle lineup, most notably the GTI. The GX3 in no way denies that it is a motorcycle, but rather plays it up as a unique design advantage.

Space-Frame: The basic structure of this driving machine is formed by a high-density, warp-resistant, steel construction space frame. The paneling of the interior and exterior parts of the space frame is made of high density fiberglass. A 2.83 tf3 (80 l) trunk is located behind the seats.

Advanced chassis: The 215/45 R17×8J front wheels are controlled by a double lateral steering axle. While the front axle resembles the layout of an automobile, the rear axle shows more parallels to a motorcycle. The right side of the vehicle also makes use of a monoswing arm. The engine’s power is delivered via 6-speed transmission and chain drive to the rear wheel, which has a tire size of 315/30 R18×12J — a new super bike dimension. And that suits the GX3. A Volkswagen that breaks away from the conventions and that redefines driving fun and freedom of mobility.

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