Modern take on a classic BMW

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German BMW aftermarket part gurus Wunderlich have brought the current R1200R back to the seventies with a conversion kit to transform the bike into the seventies classic R90S.

The kit, which they’ve called the ‘Trophy’ consists of a selection of Wunderlich specialist parts to bring the 1973 classic back to the road in modern form.

The R90S, a favourite BMW of Mr Wunderlich himself, has been replicated with a new upper fork clamp with tapered Rizoma bars and a four centimetre horizontally adjustable bar position.

The kit is also made up of a VarioLever set, an Ergo seat, front indicators located below the tank, Rizoma LED indicators at the back, a Chilli-Power motor upgrade taking the bhp up to an impressive 120, and a Zard PowerGun exhaust and header pipes to complete the performance overhaul.

All the fairings are as standard apart from the ‘Classic-Trophy’ cockpit fairing which emulates the 70’s machine, and the bike also comes with steel engine bar reminiscent of the typical classic-style bars used on all the Boxer machines around that date.





Rob Hull

By Rob Hull