Exhaust patents reveal next generation Honda Fireblade

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These patent drawings are conclusive proof that the next Fireblade is to use a Hornet-style under slung exhaust system.

The current Fireblade design will be fours years old next year, and in the world of superbike development that means a complete redesign is on the cards. The CBR1000RR was all-new for 2004, and received detail tweaks for 2006, but in 2008 a radically different bikes is expected.

These exclusively-obtained patent drawings show Honda’s plan to introduce a MotoGP style exhaust system on the next bike. Ignore the drawing of an old-model 900cc FireBlade – this is a common tactic employed when drawing patents to prevent final bike design being revealed. The key part is the exhaust – a sports bike’s needs are much different to the naked Hornet, so a rethink of the concept (and a new patent) is needed.

The problem Honda faces is getting the required exhaust length and volume required to get the right spread of power, so an advanced version of the Hornet 600’s exhaust will be used. The header pipes run close to the right side of the engine, and the pipes then curl back towards the front into a silencer/catalyst box. The gases are routed back towards the back of the bike inside the box, and out through a stubby silencer under the right hand side footrest.

The system looks set to debut on the new Blade in late September.

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging