A prototype racer is likely from oil oligarch laboratory

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** April Fool **

A V4 Russian superbike has been spotted testing at a remote Siberian test track with a huge funding effort backed by Russian oil baron Apryelye Durachok.

The 999cc V4 is in the final stages of development and could be on sale towards the end of 2007 according to MCN’s insiders who were also on hand to grab this shot of the stunning machine. It’s clear the power is already good enough for a power wheelie out of one of the corners on the track.

The 200bhp bike is a stunning entry into the world of superbikes by new Russian manufacturer Ilyushian – a radical departure from the usual Russian fodder like the Ural sidecar outfits more commonly associated with the former Soviet state.

The bike may be from Russia but it still uses top-spec Ohlins suspension front and rear and racing-spec Brembo brakes.

Spokesman Ivor Krokalyys said: “This may be the first bike from the Ilyushian factory but we are not just playing at this – we want it to be a big success. Mr Durachok is very serious – he has seen what Roman Abramovich has done with Chelsea and wants to do the same in bike racing.

“This is going to be a 200bhp V4 that will be the match for the Ducati Desmosedici RR road bike.”