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I had never seen or heard of the Boss Hoss until my mate, Steve Drinkwater emailed me a picture of one.

From then on I had to have one, so I imported one myself.

I own the small block 5735cc and it’s great. Everywhere you go you get star treatment, jaws drop, marriages are broken and women fling themselves at you.

Believe me big is better. I’m only 5 foot 7 inches tall and it is an easy ride. The two-speed forward and reverse gears are easy to negotiate, and despite its size, it is very easy to ride everyday in traffic in second gear.

Plus at 70mph you do get 30 to the gallon. I take my wife, Sandra, on the back. We live in Cornwall and with the very narrow winding roads of the Cornish countryside, weighing some 750kilos plus rider and pillion you certainly have great respect for the beast but you just sit back and enjoy the whole experience.

I also ride a Harley Road King custom, lovely machine but no comparison to the Boss Hoss. 

I get an adrenaline rush everytime it comes out of the garage with its near open pipes. The fantastic smell of the engine, the leather and then the sound as it fires up just brings the biggest smile on everyones face who hears it loud but very, very nice …..


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