Super-charged Maxi Scoot

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Peugeot has fitted a super charger to its executive maxi scooter the Satelis 125 Compressor.

Previously Peugeot’s super charger had only been fitted to the sporty Jet Force scooter but now scooter riders can get executive comfort with sports performance. The 125cc engine offers the power of a 250cc but can be ridden on L-plates.

The Satelis comes with more luggage space, brighter dual-halogen headlights, mobile phone power socket and enough room to carry a pillion in comfort.

The Peugeot Satelis 125 Compressor is available for £3,799 on the road. For more information contact Peugeot’s importers on 01202 823 344.

Tom Rayner

By Tom Rayner