2008 Honda CRF450R and 2008 Honda CRF250R revealed

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Honda has revealed the 2008 Honda CRF450R and 2008 Honda CRF250R flagship motocross and enduro motorcycles.

The two motorcycles have been given a series of detail changes and redesigned parts to keep them competitive in amateur and competitive racing, with the 2008 Honda CRF450R featuring a frame redesign for bigger air intakes and a removable subframe. The 2008 Honda CRF250R has various new parts, plus a power hike for the engine.

Both motorcycles will debut the new Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD), to aid high speed motorcycle control.

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And you can read more on the CRF’s, and a total of 27 new motorcycles, in MCN, Wednesday September 12, 2007.


Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging