Samurai Type 9 Shogun: off-the-shelf show bikes

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Despite appearances this isn’t just another money-no-object Harley-based special created to win custom bike awards – in fact it’s the latest production bike from new Japanese manufacturer Samurai Choppers.

Called the Type 9 Shogun, the bike is the first machine Samurai has designed specifically for the European market, which it plans to enter next year with a five-bike range. Where the remaining models have already been available in Japan for a couple of years, the Shogun is an all-new machine for 2009.

Designed by custom bike legend Shinya Kimura, founder of Samurai Choppers, the Shogun follows the same stripped-bare style that’s become a trademark of his bikes but adds creature comforts including rear suspension – a first for the firm, as the rest of its range are hardcore hard-tails.

As standard the European version will get fuel-injection and catalytic converters to make sure it passes emissions tests. A front mudguard will also be fitted to make the bike 100 percent road legal, although there will be an options catalogue including everything you see here.

Despite Samurai’s Japanese style and the fact the firm is owned by PLOT, the biggest supplier of aftermarket bike parts in Japan, the machines are actually built in a factory in America before being shipped east. In 2008, the firm extended its sales operation to include America, and for 2009 it hopes to conquer Europe.

Although the new Shogun’s price has yet to be fixed, the remaining machines in the range are expected to start at around £10,000.

Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis