2009 Yamaha V-Max official details and pictures

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Yamaha has officially unvelied the 2009 V-Max and MCN can now reveal the official specifications and pictures of the motorcycle.

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The V-Max was orgininally rumoured to produce around 210 bhp, but the official stat sheet reveals that the 1,679cc V4 engine actually produces 197 bhp at 9,000 rpm with 123 ft lb of torque – plenty of power to keep you entertained, then.

The claimed wet weight with a full tank of petrol and full oil tank is 310kg.

To handle all that power the V-Max has an aluminium frame and radial-mounted six piston front brakes grabbing wavy discs to bring the motorcycle to a stop.

Don’t worry about locking the front wheel with those six-pot brakes though, as the V-Max also features a hydraulic ABS system to prevent the wheels locking up under heavy braking.

The all-new V4 engine is not only 40% bigger than the original V-Max powerplant but also features fly-by-wire throttle system to ensure maximum torque and power is delivered everywhere in the rev range.

The frame of the V-Max is built from aluminium and manufactured in a diamond shape. The engine is used as a stressed member to keep the motorcycle stable at high speeds, and so not to compromise too much on the handling.

The price of the 2009 Yamaha V-Max is not yet known, but expect it to be around the £16,000 mark.


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By Liam Marsden

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