Derbi’s motorcycle/bicycle hybrid

Published: 09 May 2008

This week’s MotOh show in Barcelona saw the first showing of Derbi’s latest concept motorcycle – a machine that’s part motorcycle, part mountain bike.

Called the DH2.0 – DH stands for Down Hill – the 100cc machine might make just 8bhp but with an all-in weight of less than 40kg it promises to be wieldy as a bicycle. And the firm really has got plans to produce it, despite the fact it’s not road legal in present form.

Built around an aluminium bicycle-style frame, with the single-cylinder motor hung beneath it, the DH2.0 only promises to go as fast as you’d manage if you were pedalling at full chat but it will take its rider virtually anywhere a mountain bike can go without even breaking a sweat.

The suspension is more pushbike than motorbike, with spindly forks and a tiny monoshock for the lightweight swingarm. But given the machine’s lack of bulk it should be easily up to the rigors of off-road use.


The firm has also launched a questionnaire on its Spanish website, asking for feedback on the bike’s design – giving a firm hint that the DH2.0 is far more than simply an attention-grabber for its Barcelona show stand.