Zero launch electric supermoto with torque of a GSX-R750

Published: 08 April 2009

US bike firm Zero has launched a road-legal ‘high-performance supermoto’ that packs the torque of a GSX-R750 but costs less than a penny a mile to run.

The silent-running electric Zero S - which costs $9950 - has a useful commuting range of 60 miles, charges in four hours from a normal socket and boasts high quality suspension including inverted forks adjustable for compression and rebound and a Fox rear shock.

You might not want to brag about the 31bhp peak power, but the aircraft-grade aluminium frame means it weighs just 102kg, and Zero says it’s geared the (single-geared) machine for acceleration.

It tops out at just over 60mph. Judge for yourself how good it goes by watching the video.