Bring the Honda VTR250 to the UK

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You had an interesting article on Honda’s Ducati Monster copy, VTR250, in your 1 April newspaper.  At the end it said, “tell us what you think”…

I’m really interested in this bike.  I’m 54, female and fairly small and although I can ride (and like) a Monster 620 I’d much prefer something lighter.  I know the Honda won’t be as sweet a bike but at 161kg I’m keen to try this bike out. 

BUT… as usual there’s no way I can because It’s not imported and even if it was most dealers wouldn’t stock it.  When I first passed my test (about 4 or 5 years ago) I tried to find a dealer who stocked a Honda 250 but not only could I not find one, but most dealers gave me a macho, snotty response – they didn’t waste their time selling little bikes.
I can’t understand this attitude.  I know a number of women who ride.  All of us put up with bikes which are really that little bit too tall and heavy to feel safe, and rely on our husbands to do the shuffling in and out of the garage and car park. 

I’ve seen brave women teetering on their toes struggling with bikes which are dangerously too heavy.  I’d love a Guzzi Breva 750 but it’s just too heavy for me to feel safe.  And there’s plenty of men smaller than me too.
Why have we got such an abysmal choice of smaller bikes in this country?  Dealers and manufacturers are missing out on a market.
Please encourage manufacturers to give us some bikes!

L Bristow

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By L Bristow