Honda bin Evo 6 production plan

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Honda‘s musclebike looks unlikely to go into production after the firm’s marketers decided they couldn’t sell enough. That’s despite 2011 looking like a boom year for the power cruiser, with Ducati’s Mega Monster (aka Vyper) swelling the class led by Yamaha’s V-MAX, Triumph Rocket 3 and Harley’s V-Rod Muscle.

The Evo 6 was a massive hit in the 2007 Tokyo show, and Honda went on to protect the design worldwide, something it normally does only for models earmarked for production.

Co-designed by the stylist behind the 1992 FireBlade Tetsuya Nakazawa the Evo 6 uses the 1800cc flat six motor of the Goldwing, housed in a minimalist chassis and bodywork, coupled with a single-sided swingarm.

A Japanese source close to the firm told MCN the bike could be revived depending on muscle-bike market performance pans out in the next 18 months.

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter