Stunning Moto Martin Z1000R and Bakker Barracuda

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Spotted for sale on the USA┬╣s Ebay site is this stunning Moto Martin Z1000r.
Restored in the UK and shipped out to the states four years ago this bike is thought to be the same Mocheck built bike that UK ferry company Sealink offered as a raffle prize at the 1985 TT.

This stunning and totally period Moto Martin has a state of the art (for the time) plated steel frame, one-piece fiberglass seat and tank unit and a single shock connected to a bespoke Mocheck box section swingarm.

The owner of the Moto Martin is also auctioning a Nico Bakker framed TL1000 that he claims was originally built for US actor Nicolas Cage. Like Moto Martin, Bakker is another firm that specialized in re-framing Japanese engines and the Bakker Barracuda features a steel tubular frame with alloy swingarm.

The most interesting aspect of the Barracuda is that you adjust the chassis in a number of different ways. The ride height, steering angle and even the swing arm height can be altered. Unlike Moto Martin who stopped building frames in the 1985, Nico Bakker are still building bikes to order in their Dutch factory.

The auctions for both bikes finish on Sunday

Moto Martin Z1000R

Bakker Barracuda

Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

Former MCN Managing Editor (Digital & Events)