Victory Cross Country bagger is coming to UK

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The Victory Cross Country luxury ‘bagger’ is joining the Cross Roads as a late addition to Victory’s UK model line up.

Victory says the delay is down to getting type approval for the bikes – Victory is gaining approval for each of it’s model rather than submitting each bike sold to single vehicle approval, but a late development meant that the Cross Country as well as the Cross Roads didn’t get approval in time.

Now it’s getting that approval, but bikes won’t arrive until the middle of 2010.

Much of the Cross Country is similar to the double MCN Award-winning Vision grand tourer, sharing a sand-cast aluminium frame and the 106 cubic-inch (1700cc) 92bhp v-twin.

Built-in panniers and a huge double seat is standard, and a handlebar mounted fairing protects the rider.

A stereo is fitted which can be combined with accessory iPod docks and GPS satellite navigation, and the handlebars and foot controls are adjustable to tailor the riding position.

Price and delivery date is yet to be confirmed.

Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging