Erik Buell Racing announces 1190RR, 1125RR and 1125R race bikes

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Erik Buell is revealing more about his independent race bike-building outfit, saying that three bikes including an 1190cc version of the 1125R will be offered.

An 1190cc, big-bore version of the 1125RR will be offered in ‘Euro Spec’. Exact details or pictures of the bike are yet to be released, but it’s likely to share most of the parts with the 1125RR, including the race-spec chassis parts and chain drive. Race and performance parts will also be sold individually for 1125, XB and XBRR model Buell road and race parts.

The innovating American founder and chief designer of Buell Motorcycles recently split from Harley-Davidson after it chose to close down the company he started 25 years ago. He has since set up his own race shop building 1125R-based race-only machines under license from Harley-Davidson.

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging