New 2010 Kawasaki Versys 650 pics surface

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Pics and spec of 2010’s eagerly-awaited Kawasaki Versys have been released by the firm, pointing to a refreshed and even perkier middleweight.

Kawasaki USA says:
Now and then, a clean-sheet idea that just plain works appears from out of nowhere, and everybody wonders why nobody thought of it before…

That’s the Kawasaki Versys. Following its debut just a couple of years ago, the world’s motorcycle press unanimously embraced the Versys’ unique combination of utility, versatility, affordability and just plain fun — and they haven’t stopped singing its praises.

Motorcyclist magazine named it “Motorcycle of the Year,” and the Versys made top 10 lists around the world.

Luckily, the brains at Kawasaki who dreamed up the Versys are not afraid to mess with success, so for 2010, there’s even more to love.

New features:

• A new fairing, stacked dual headlight, new front fender and mirrors, and a Z1000-style LED tail light, give the Versys a bold new high-tech look

• A larger windscreen provides a larger still-air pocket for increased comfort; three-position adjustability makes it adaptable to fit a variety of riders and climates

• Revised passenger grab rails, new seat cover material, and a little fine-tuning of the passenger seating position make the Versys even more fun for passengers

• Rubber bushings at the rear engine mounts and hollow rubber-covered footpegs result in reduced engine vibration and a more comfortable ride

• Revisions to the muffler, clutch cover, sprocket and alternator covers, radiator shrouds, swingarm pivot covers and rear fender all contribute to the Versys’ bold new high-quality look

The 650cc, 60bhp engine remains unchanged.


Guy Procter

By Guy Procter