Honda XRE300 is smallest ABS Honda motorcycle

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Honda is releasing its smallest capacity ABS-equipped motorcycle – the XRE300 trail bike – but only in Brazil.

The new Honda XRE300 is powered by a 25bhp air-cooled 291cc DOHC four-valve single-cylinder engine making 20lb-ft of torque, which is shared with the CB600F Hornet 600-alike CB300R, which was introduced recently.

It’s a relatively heavy machine weighing in at 144kg There’s also an ABS-equipped version with a three-piston caliper which adds 7kg of weight as well as bulky ABS components under the left hand rear side panel.

Astonishingly, it costs £5378 in Brazil – more than a Honda CBF600N costs here!

Even the standard-braked XRE300 costs £4500 – around the same as you can pick up a Suzuki Gladius 650 for in the UK.

There are no plans to import it in to the UK at the moment.

Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging