Indian hybrid promises 280mpg

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Indian manufacturer Eko Vehicles is promising a hybrid electric/petrol capable of 280mpg.

We’re just hoping not all future environmentally conscious bikes will look quite so ugly.

The ET-120 Hybrid has a petrol-powered engine backed up by a battery pack that will give a 20 mile range solely on electric power.

The ET-120 will be unveiled in May in India but it’s not known if it will be sold outside its country of origin where it will cost around £800.

Running just on petrol the 120cc four-stroke single will return 100mpg. Add in the electric motor as back-up and that rockets to 280mpg.

The only other production hybrid bike is the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid three-wheeler which combines a 125cc four-stroke single with an electric motor which does a claimed 167mpg but manages to be hobbled by a massive kerb weight of 250kg with just 14bhp giving a lowly 50mph top speed – all for an astonishing £6999.

Yamaha has been working on the Gen-Ryu hybrid concept which is rumoured to be heading towards a production hybrid scooter although one theory is that Yamaha has done this to prompt another manufacturer to build one first.

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter