Hesketh lives on!

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Hesketh – one of the greatest names in British motorcycling is getting a new lease of life – as an electric scooter manufacturer!

The rights to Hesketh, the ill-starred, V-twin superbike which was launched by Lord Hesketh in 1983, folded twice, and has since struggled on as a one-man cottage industry, have been taken up by Manchester-based entrepreneur Paul Hesketh.

He plans to launch a new ‘designer’ electric scooter under the brand next year.

But it’s not the final curtain for the Hesketh V1000 superbike. Mick Broom, who has been hand-building the air-cooled V-twin since 1984, told MCN that, even though he’s retiring, he’ll retain the ability to build and develop the bike should there be the demand.

The move in to the scooter world follows Broom’s unsuccessful attempts to sell the Hesketh Motorcycles operation earlier this year.  

Paul Hesketh, meanwhile, who was looking to enter the scooter market with a new ‘designer, eco, electric scooter’, assembled in Britain, and saw the availability of the Hesketh brand as a great opportunity – not least because of his own name.

For further information on the new Hesketh scooters, check www.heskethmotorcycles.net. For information on Broom engineering and the Hesketh V1000 go to: www.broom.engineering.btinternet.co.uk/