Fancy a go on a 2009 Yamaha R1?

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MCN is looking for four or five experienced sportsbike riders to sample the new Yamaha R1’s rider-friendly power delivery.

We want to see if it grunts out of slow corners in the hands of ordinary road riders as spectacularly as it does with racers. So here’s the deal.

To apply you need:

1. A clean licence
2. Decent leathers and kit
3. Some track day experience (but absolutely no racers, OK?)
4. Your own 1000cc sportsbike in excellent nick, which you’ll need to bring and ride on the day.

We’re looking for ordinary road riders – not so inexperienced that you’ll drop the bike or go all giddy, and not so expert that you can ride the wheels off anything.

The date is all day next Tuesday, March 31 at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground near Leicester.

The deadline for applications is 9am tomorrow. If you don’t hear back by lunchtime, you’re not in!

Please don’t turn up if you aren’t selected. They won’t let you in for safety reasons.

If you’re interested email

Rupert Paul

By Rupert Paul