Suzuki release three limited edition models

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Suzuki has launched three limited edition white bikes, including this stunning GSX-R1000 with white and silver paint scheme and gold wheels.

The Japanese manufacture has released just 100 of these bikes for sale in the UK, at £9,800 – the same price as a standard GSX-R1000.

The GSX-R is not the only bike to get a new look. The M1800R cruiser has been splashed with the same white paint but given a distinctive blue stripe from head light to number plate.

It will be released in a run of just 50 machines, and sold for £9,500.

Completing the ice white line-up is the Bandit 1250SA. Its new pearl white fairings, carry a new metallic silver graphic.

It will cost £6,300, and only 100 will be available in the UK.

Specs of all three bikes are as standard models and they will be in showrooms immediately.

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Laura Kennerley

By Laura Kennerley