Yamaha Super Ténéré concept update: more pictures

Published: 21 October 2009

Yamaha is drip-feeding more pictures of its interesting, if slightly ludicrous, made-from-cloth Super Ténéré  concept, revealed today (October 21) at the Tokyo show.

It’s quite clear that this is no way a production bike – bodywork made from cloth, no controls to speak of and engine internals floating in mid-air should tell you that – but it does give an impression of what the real bike will be like when it is revealed in 2010.     

The engine will be a 1200cc parallel twin with a 270° firing order, to give it an off-beat, lumpy feel associated with v-twin and boxer twin engines. As well as being more characterful and engaging to ride, it should help with off-road traction – smooth revvy engines tend to be harder to use on loose surfaces. Shaft drive features too, mimicking the class-leading BMW R1200GS.

Traction control will feature, as will ABS with three different settings which are presumed to give varying level of braking interference depending on riding conditions. Combined brakes are also mentioned in the short release on the bike.

MCN’s Andy Downes is at the Tokyo show – read his full, in-depth interview with the men responsible in next week’s MCN, on sale Wednesday October 28.

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