Golf cart motors to power Roehr eSuperbike

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US manufacturer Roehr have released further details of its two battery powered sportsbikes due to go on sale in spring 2010.

Both machines use the same 35kilowatt AC motors originating from a company called Hi Performance Golf Cars.

The Roehr eSupersport motor produces 48 horsepower, the eSuperbike with dual motors, 96 horsepower and 210ftlbs of torque.

The batteries in the bikes are Chinese-made Headways lithium-iron phosphate large-format cylindrical cells, which recharge in 4 to 6 hours.

Both models will deliver 130 to 140 miles of range at 30 mph and estimated top speeds of 130mph and 150mph.

Roehr claim the AC-induction motors are 100 percent maintenance-free, a statement backed up by Roehr’s test-trial that ran the engines for a simulated 10 years non-stop.

One of the most interesting design aspects of the bike is its modularity. Upgrading between the eSupersport and eSuperbike is simple with an upgrade kit that allows you to transform your bike in your own garage.

Prices are estimated at $15,000 for the eSupersport and $30,000 for the eSuperbike.

Both bikes should be in US showrooms by April and will make their racing debut at the TTXGP green grand prix in California in May.


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