Roehr electric model range takes shape

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American manufacturer Roehr, well-known for its 1250cc model (the most powerful American production sport bike with 180bhp), should unveil its new electric model range before the end of the summer.

“We will be offering 3 versions of the eRoehr. Our entry level eSuperSport at $16,965 MSRP, the eSuperBike at $27,595 MSRP and the racing version, the eSuperBike RR at $34,495 MSRP” said Walter Roehrich, Roehr Motorcycles founder, on the ElMoto forums.

“The mechanical portion of the bikes are completed, we are in the testing and development process right now, both on the dyno and the street.

“We were planning to be a little further along by now, and were hoping to enter the TTXGP series, however a few delays, mainly with bodywork tooling have set us behind schedule a bit (…).

“We are on track to launch, and start deliveries of our eRoehr series of bikes this summer.” Roehrich added.

The eSuperSport is powered by a single AC induction motor developing 48bhp and 105lb/ft of torque while both eSuperBike models are equipped with a twin AC induction motor developing 96bhp and an amazing 210lb/ft of torque.

The three bikes use large format cylindrical lithium-iron phosphate batteries combined with a battery capacity ranging from 6kw/h for the eSuperSport to 9.6kw/h for the eSuperBike models.

Compared with its future main competitors, the Mission One (also using AC induction) and the MotoCzysz C1, the eRoerh SuperBike makes a good impression.

Indeed, it is the most powerful bike in terms of torque (100lb/ft for the Mission One and 80lb/ft for the C1) and its price is very far from the outstanding $100,000 of the C1 and $68,995 of the Mission One.

Nonetheless, the eSuperbike suffers a disabling weight of 500 lbs (against less than 350lbs for the MotoCzysz) and its 96bhp can’t compete with the 200bhp of the C1 and the (presumed) 140bhp of the Mission One.

More technical specs about the eRoehr model range at

Pictures attached show the eSuperBike

Pierre Galpin

By Pierre Galpin