Video: 2011 Husqvarna 449TC and 449TE in action

Husqvarna has released an official video of the 2011 449 TC and 449 TE models.

The 2011 449s receive Kayaba suspension, new handlebars with handguards, both engine and chassis shockproof plastic guards, rear mudguards with incorporated racing number plate holder and led rear lights.

They are also equipped with full Akrapovic exhaust systems and Brembo brakes with floating calipers. The two bikes have been redesigned to be more ergonomic and allow easier maintenance. 

The TE version has been given two separate fuel tanks givinging a total of 8.5 litres capacity but the main change is the adoption of the Coaxial Traction System, consisting in the union of the rear wheel swingarm pivot point with the gearbox output shaft sprocket.

This system aims at keeping the weight of the bike concentrated around the centre of gravity, ensuing better traction and allowing the adoption of a longer swingarm while keeping the same wheelbase as the competitors.

As for the TC version, it is fitted with a dual mode switch on the handlebars, which gives access to two different fuel injection and ignition timing maps.

Pierre Galpin

By Pierre Galpin