Most incredible race replica ever

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This bike claimed the first MV victory on the Isle of Man since Agostini won there in 1972. Except there’s not a single genuine MV part on this exquisite three-cylinder bike.   

In next week’s MCN – out June 9 – we report on one of the finest MV replicas ever made.    

With Alan Oversby on board, this Meccanica Verghera MV500-3 won the Pre TT Classic Senior race last week – the first time an MV had won a solo race on the Isle of Man since 1972, when Agostini won both the Senior (500) and Junior (350).

You have to be an MV expert to tell the bike apart from an original, with only the twin front disc-brake (which is ‘period’ but not strictly correct as the original ’72 GP bike came with a twin-leading shoe Ceriani front drum brake) giving the game away.

Read the full story, and the incredible tale of how a 70-year-old engine specialist rode the bike to victory at Assen during a shakedown test, in next week’s MCN, out Wednesday June 9.

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin